“Crazy Days and Nights: Ten And Counting for Tiger Woods”

Tiger Woods scandalYesterday I stumbled upon a Blog with an Article on Tiger Wood’s scandalous affairs   (http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2009/12/ten-and-counting-for-tiger-woods.html ) and I couldn’t help myself not going through all the comments left by the readers.  So here is my take on the matter and I’d like to have your opinions below.  SHOW ME you’re ALIVE !

Although I may sound paradoxically surreal for a woman who has suffered a lot due to her ex husband’s infidelities, I will dare to stand by this “contemporary major sinner’s” side in this case.   Not because I find his attitude applausible but mainly because I believe that being part of those who throw stones at him, will only add some butter to his wife’s bread and facilitate her towards ripping him off his fortune, career future and dignity.

I’ll back my position with a series of arguments I challenge you all to confront.  There is a lot of “social hypocrisy” lying behind our greed to devour whatever we may see through Tiger Wood’s bedroom keyhole.   Many call his kids innocent victims, others call him a “whore”.  The reason? He dared to exercise his birthright to pleasure. He dared to manage his body as he liked.

None of us, his judges, is sin-free and very few of us would have acted differently had been in his shoes. But apparently, it feels good to throw in the mud a brilliant name. Ancient Greeks had a saying :”every man lumbers an oak once it’s fallen”. His wife -I don’t recall her name…-being his wife gave her a new entity and brought her under the light of the “publicity sun”- could have fed her hurt ego with a divorce, and there are very few sorrows one can’t drown with some millions of dollars. Humiliating him and contributing to his personal exhaust indicates that she never really loved him, all she cared about was her ego. I don’t see their kids as victims at all. Thanks to his hard efforts to build his status, they’ll never suffer from financial insecurity, and that’s the third greatest gift a parent can offer, next to love and education.

The deeply hurt “wife” will soon console herself with a new companion amidst the luxuries offered by Tiger’s years of efforts and achievements.  I believe that, subconsciously, what Tiger was craving for, was true love which was not offered by his “superficially impeccable” …wife.  He is not “a sick sex maniac”, he is a healthy man who can’t even cough without being publicly exposed.  In the faces of the women he shared intimate moments with, he was seeking the true colors of caring and love…a source of reassurance and powerful inspiration, so necessary for his performance as an athlete. In their bodies, he looked for the warmth of acceptance and admiration.

As much as we all “little social zeroes” want to put him under our soles, we can’t erase his talent, his achievements and his true essence.  I really hope Tiger Woods will soon put himself together and find his own unique pace in golf tournaments and life.  The best gift one could give him, is a pair of ear plugs. It’s hard to be at the top and stay human at the same time.   If I were his wife, I would give him a second chance -given the scandal’s dimensions- and would divorce him only if he relapsed, and once he’d be standing strong on his feet again.

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