The sneaky role of NGO’s to the illegal immigration that threatens Europe

Dear Sofia,

There is a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Piraeus as we speak.

The City of Piraeus, NGOs and hundreds of volunteers are on site at Gate E9 to do what they can to provide for the needs of the many thousands of refugees and migrants that are stuck in the port.

People are helping with simple tasks such as manning a soup kitchen, unloading and handing out water, clothes, blankets etc. Some are simply entertaining children or helping with registration, others are helping doctors and nurses.

Can you offer some time over the next few days to come down with me and help with whatever needs doing?

I will be going down to help in the soup kitchen tomorrow morning and on Monday morning.

Will you join me? If you can, please simply click below or respond to this email and I’ll get back to you to co-ordinate.

Thank you – I hope you can help!

Stavros Messinis

The Message above was sent to me in english -though from greek to greek- while Greece is experiencing the biggest and most dramatic humanitarian crisis ever in its history…war times included.

I hope there is justice for those who caused the war in Syria, for those who nurtured ISIS and its branches, for those who are using the war as an allibi to drown Europe under a wave of uncivilized human-storm of muslims aiming at the genetic degeneration and destruction of the nations, for those who push these swarms of illegal immigrants to Greece using women and children as a “human shield” to cover the true terroristic face of the majority of these individuals and to those criminals who are behind the NGO’s doing business at the expense of humanity, making sure that people will be paralyzed and far easier to be manipulated as they’ll become part of a uniform human-flesh mass ready to offer cheap human resources material to the NEW WORLD ORDER of Masters and Slaves.

I’m sure JUSTICE will be done soon, not from the countries’ corrupted authorities, not from the Higher European Courts being hijacked by World’s Criminals, but from the Source of Light and Life.

NO Mr Messinis, I will not help you put the knife deeper into my country’s heart.

Greek people, my brothers and sisters, are in need right now and it is my priority to help them! Two thirds of Greeks are unemployed. People are searching for food in the garbage bins. Parents can’t offer food to their children and take them to orphanages or other institutions hoping they’ll be properly taken care of. My sister, a pharmacist, told me that she witnessed a case when people didn’t do a funeral to their dead parent, keeping the body at home, because dead parent’s pension was the only source of income for the family.

Even those of Greeks who fight against all odds for a better future, are being bruttaly attacked by the Tax Authorities that consist an Independent Body reporting to Brussels -or should I say to Berlin?- paying for a DEBT which is an illegal and totally criminal German and French Banks’ BUBBLE imposed on their shoulders with the Resources of Greece been confiscated by its historical enemies, those who still owe to the Country more than 300 BILLION EURO from their crimes during the II World War.

And although those who owe us have taken away our quality of life, have enslaved our children and grandchildren, have stolen our ports and airports and have flooded our country with hordes of uncivilized people, we Greeks still keep our DIGNITY even during these dark moments of our history and if we think of becoming immigrants we do it LEGALLY and do not cause problems to the inhabitants of other countries with our unwanted presence there while we shoot selfies on our expensive iphones as the “poor immigrants” who have triggered your humanitarian sensitivities, do. If staying here becomes devastating, we prefer to commit suicide than becoming part of this human-flesh river. And if we decide to fight for our freedom, we do it in a way that sets the example for the whole world.

YOUR BOSSES at the NGO are geniuses in creating such situations. I bet they’re equally able at resolving them. Why don’t you ask them about getting in touch with their Turkish partners who pushed these people to Greece, so they take them all back safely?

I guess this hasn’t crossed your mind.

Well, give it some thought!

Unless you’re getting paid better than this child-immigrant -and the MEDIA shooting his acting – while he is trying to convince the world about his drama with fake tears in his eyes or the other one with ketchup or cherry syrup on his face:

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