Fear Decoded | A philosophical Essay by Sofia S. C.

Friday, 1st of December 2017

Dear friend,

what’s the essence of life without freedom? The worst type of enslavement is that of having your mind controlled. You’re not free to think, to dream, to decide, to choose. Fear doesn’t let you. It keeps you chained.

The quote was saying “if you don’t live the life of your dreams, get ready to live the life you’re afraid of”. Shockingly true to the degree that almost got me mad at all and everything that had pushed me into a bottomless pit of fear.

Spotting fear, analyzing its nature and fighting its every tiny shadow of existence became my priority. That’s the reason why before talking about magnificent dreams and a beautiful life “by design” instead “by default”, I’d rather decode fear so you totally eliminate this hideous monstrosity from its favorite hideout….your mind.

Do you like challenges?
I do. Actually, I live for the challenge. This book is the first of a Series of Philosophical Essays where balancing on the semantics of English language – which is not my mother language but has borrowed all its essential terms from Greek which is – I’ll explore what makes FEAR the invisible gatekeeper of a prison, where we were all thrown at since the moment we came to planet Gaia. My approach is being presented based on analyses and syntheses of logical sequences of facts.

The tyrants found in fear, a very effective way to control seven billion people, remotely and automatically. Instigating tearful trains of thoughts in our minds, they have succeeded turning us from free and powerful individuals into consumables which is even worse than the state of slavery. Slaves may someday, somehow rebel. Consumables are meant to be consumed.

Aiming to ignite your thoughts encouraging you to break free from mental traps created by Social Conditioning, in this book will show you why Fear is only an illusion being fed by the weaknesses of your mind and how you can “scare it away” in a very short period of time at will.

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Happy reading.


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