What Men Want…

There is this sweet feeling attached to our childhood memories that can only be described as “feel at home”.  To men this feeling has a touch of mom, a touch of secure warm and cozy family environment, a bit of tasty dinners and holidays flavors, a hint of freshly washed bed covers and well folded clean ironed clothes in the closet.

Nothing elaborated, nothing fancy. Just plain good life with the element of being loved and taken care of.  And then, life rolls on and these childhood years are something that will never come back. Something always remembered, cherished and desired.

Upon their passage to adulthood, men subconsciously want to experience again this “at home” feeling.  They sleep with many women, but the woman they’d crave to wake up with, is the one who will command and orchestrate the set of sentiments and feelings that gives them back that childhood bliss.

Well, there is that enormous sexuality factor to be considered now, but once the sexual compatibility test is passed, inspiring him with those qualities that guarantee the “at home” feeling, makes the difference between one more adventure and the queen of his life.  Isn’t happiness directly proportional to the amount of positive energy we receive? What can possibly be more positive to your man, than a warm-hearted smile and a welcome kiss accompanied by tastes you created with your loving zest? Sounds simple? It is. Sounds easy? I don’t think it’s easy.

Some of world’s top chefs are men, but that’s because men are by default “bon viveurs” and have a passion for detail and perfection while women are “programmed” to be survivors paying attention mainly to the essentials rather than detail.  You don’t have to be a chef to make him happy with your dishes.  Sorry I’m going to burst your sophisticated social conditioning bubble here, but those old fashioned models of women trained to be great housewives are not as outdated as the modern woman’s commercial image makers want us to believe.

Being clean and tidy is one of the top virtues a woman can possess. Being caring and pleasant is a blessing.  None of these conflict with her powerful career persona, and have absolutely nothing to do with the way her personality is being perceived by her social circles.  Cooking something special for my man once in a while, or ironing a shirt of his doesn’t make me less successful.

How much time of your life would it take to cook something nice for him? It’s not the time or the effort per se, it’s the focused attention of yours that adds value to the gesture.  Exuding this certainty that you can embody his sexual fantasy in bed and at the same time create his “at home” refuge, is your one and absolute passport to his heart.

It’s not simple. But if you want, you can master it.  The reward will exceed your expectations. Besides, if you really love him, you want him truly happy.

Republished by Happier-U.com