I’m posting this exceptional VIDEO with tears in my eyes. Thank you Minas for sharing it with me on GOOGLE+.

It is a tiny but brilliant part of the BIG ANSWER those who keep throwing mud against the “name” of our beloved Country, deserve.

And I’m particularly touched, because the Cover Image of this YouTube VIDEO shows NAFPAKTOS (also known as LEPANTO) my mother-town. The beautiful place where I spent most of my childhood summers at grandma’s home.

Being a Web-Strategist, I know well how RUMORS work.  Once out, nobody cares who spread them, everybody deals with the RUMOR. It’s easy to create a rumor and build a constantly growing buzz around it like circles with the same center.

In the case of GREECE, rumors were supported by a well coordinated “orchestra” of MEDIA. You see, in the world of new Economy, and the wild jungle of Capital Markets, a speculator profits from all kinds of currency moves.  Am I wrong dear German Journals Financial Analysts? Nice Currency Exchange games were instantly setup on EUROPEAN UNION’s “backbone” yielding billions of profits to those who were backbone-less enough to GAMBLE Europe’s Economy and Nations’ future. Am I wrong dear Gentlemen of the Central European Bank?

They all needed a strong STORY -because stories always sell- to mask their plans. And the STORY had to be woven so that there was a WEAK LINK in European Union, a LINK that was threatening the whole structure to collapse, and on the other hand, there would be a SAVIOR, the EU’s SUPER-HERO who would make sure that WEAK LINK would be put under STERN FINANCIAL CUSTODY thus avoiding the “contamination” to leak further, and securing EUROZONE’s  stability.  I don’t have to put NAMES on those who played the major roles, or faces on their names. It doesn’t matter now.  They used my Country -GREECE- as their excuse to play their nasty profit-games having privileged “inside information” about the CURRENCY’s next move, because THEY MANIPULATED that move and consequent MARKETS’ response.  All based on the powerful impact of RUMORS on MARKETS’ psychology, because RUMORS can make or break a person’s image, the same way they can make or break a Nation’s or a CONTINENT’s image.

We have a saying in Greece that fits perfectly this case of RUMORS-spreading.  “ONE stupid man threw a dirty-stone in the well and TEN wise men jumped in to take it out.”

No!  We GREEKS are NOT financially illiterate. We are NOT people who like to live with debt. The majority of BIG Private Accounts in Swiss Banks belong to Greeks. We are NOT more consuming-oriented than the average European or American.  We are VERY SAVVY Investors. As you’ll see on the VIDEO, GREEN ENERGY is one of our Country’s huge advantages and even our grandpas in the villages are considering ways of turning their pieces of land into GREEN ENERGY PRODUCING STATIONS.  The way we welcome and treat our Tourists makes them want to come back again and again, because it’s not just about the nice landscapes, climate or food and music. It’s about the TOTALLY GREEK APPROACH to Life.  We GREEKS, are NOT afraid to FEEL, to EXPRESS, to THINK, to DARE. We are NOT afraid to LOSE or FALL.  And soon enough, we’ll build the New GREEK Economy and make the miracle happen.

I’m not good with Journalists’ job, because I don’t care to re-produce rumors and I don’t want to impose MY OPINION to others.  But I’m good at SEO and Web-Strategies of Reputation Management, and I swear to God that I will do my best to restore my Country’s REPUTATION after the damage caused by a bunch of RATS. I owe it to my fellow  Greeks, to our children, to world’s children.  I hope I’ll have many friends joining my effort and helping me win this INFORMATION WAR.

I can’t say enough about the magnificence of Greek Soul. I doubt there is any other nation in the world where people are able to synchronize their heart beats and their breathes and draw from the depth of their precious DNA the common vision which is a code of perseverance and excellence. The same passion that flows in our leisure and fun times, fuels our dreams and motivates our creativity towards reaching our goals.

Our deep LOVE to the HUMAN Being, gives a distinctive touch to the way we prioritize our milestones.

YES, GREECE is much more than a country, it’s an Essential Element that Every Person carries within their core.  I strongly believe that GREECE is a part of every human being. We GREEKS are just the lucky ones to live here. But we welcome all our Sisters and Brothers of the world to share the light, the divine power of being in harmony with nature, the urge to laugh and sing and be genuine.

On behalf of Greeks I want to THANK all our friends who kindly ask and worry about the situation in our country, and they express their interest to me in FORUMS, Twitter messages, FACEBOOK chats, LINKEDIN dialogues. We’re not as well as we’d like, but we’ll soon be fine!