Making Visitors Happy?

Search Engine Optimization sounds so  Super-Wow-Out-Of-This-Planet-Science I couldn’t resist the temptation of demystifying it a bit here, for the sake of my close friends and clients  -yes, I’m talking about YOU Michael-  who have the guts to test the waters of Internet Marketing  being over the age of 18 ….how dare you?  You’re already ancient history…Hahahahahaha…. Anyway…

Most essential truths are excruciatingly simple but  we think simple is not “sexy” so we keep chasing complexity making our lives difficult.  This whole introduction was necessary for me to stress the fact that what you’ll find extremely easy to understand after you watch the VIDEO and read this post, will place you in a tiny minority of  Internet Marketing Enthusiasts who really know what SEO is trully about.

So here we go.  There are TWO types of Visitors you really care about attracting to your Website,  making them happy, and keeping them coming again and again in the future:  Search Engine Crawlers – also known as robots, spiders or just bots-  and real humans.  There is a whole logical pattern behind the actions you have to take in order to attract , make happy and have each one of these “visitors” keep coming back.

Practically Search Engine Crawlers, are the tireless workers that “crawl” the web and collect the info that gets listed – indexed- to the Search Engines’ Huge Databases.  Although the popular term used to describe these “crawlers” is SPIDER, I think “busy-bees” would be more suitable.  Because just as bees don’t get much distracted from a flower’s beauty and remain focused on collecting the pollen, Search Engine Crawlers, only read the source-code of a Website paying Absolutely no attention to the design.

To keep them happy, we must include the basic info about our Site’s content on the Title, the Meta-Tags the Header Tags, the images’ Alt Tags and the way we have structured our Site’s Pages, Posts Categories etc,  in terms of ON-PAGE SEO, and our Linking Strategy must aim at building Backlinks from high Authority Status Sites, Related to our Site’s Topic, with our main keywords on the anchor-text.  Needless to say that a link from a Dating Site to a FOREX Site with an anchor text reading “click here” is MORE than useless…it’s Dangerous and might get your site banned forever from the Search Engines.

The more relevance crawlers find out between your content, your basic info about your site, and the type of backlinks you’re getting, the higher your Search Engine Rankings are going to be.  To keep the Crawlers coming back to your site, you must feed them with their favorite food: content.   Frequency of posting, or fresh content is highly appreciated by the crawlers and that triggers a more frequent visit to your site.

Human Visitors, should be considered an “Army in Pajamas” like you and me,  interested in finding what they’re looking for right here, right now.  They don’t care about you, your image, your lifestyle, your knowledge or your witty personality. They only care about THEIR priorities and burning desires, right here, right now. If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll click away in milliseconds without a second thought or a blink of their eye.

I believe that the most difficult “science” of all related to INTERNET MARKETING, is the Landing Page Optimization, Sales Process fine tunning, and Conversion Rate increase.  These are all parts of the core-Marketing that runs through the framework of our Online Business Setup, and it takes a lot of mechanisms to monitor, split test, evaluate, optimize and scale up our results with Data-Driven choices.

I hope you found this info helpful. Please show me you’re ALIVE AND KICKING by leaving your comment below 🙂