Stress free FOREX Trading?

Dear Investor/Trader,

Not  having the time to learn how to trade?

Not being able to properly monitor your trades?

Can’t understand the Criteria given with my highly performing PREMIUM SIGNALS ?

Then,  it’s good to know that I can help you achieve substantial results, offering complete TRADE SETUPS on the basis of FOREX CONSULTING.

If your Account’s Leverage is 100:1, you need 1000pips in profits in order to double your equity. Theoretically, 1000pips correspond to three big trades, each giving you 300+ pips.

Taking a 300+ pips trade – or a combination of 300+ pips in total trades- within a month is doable with “set it and forget it” type of trades, which you don’t have to monitor enslaving your life to your computer’s or mobile’s screen for endless hours.

Furthermore, you’ll be receiving Trade Follow-Up VIDEOS inside the MOB APP telling you how to trail your Stop-Loss if necessary, when to add positions, when to keep your cool and when to exit before price hits the Take Profit Target.

You can request Three Trade Setups for FREE, to test my Service.

If you’re satisfied, you can Subscribe paying FLAT MONTHLY FEES, without contracts or any other kind of commitment. You can use the Service as long as you need it.

Contact me requesting your Three FREE Trade Setups on Currency Pairs of your choice.

Dr Sofia Stavropoulou