Why SSofia Success Club is YOUR Club?

Yes, you guessed right.  You CAN’T access this Page unless you are a “SSofia Success Club” Member.  Before you call me a “bitch”  -which is fine, by the way 🙂 – let me explain in a few words, why I created this  27euros/month CLUB , with a FULL WEEK TRIAL for Only 1euro, instead of giving away the info for free.

Internet is an Ocean of Info, but as Media Tycoon Rupert Murdoch recently stated, the truly VALUABLE Info should NOT be free.

My INTERNET MARKETING Journey begun back in 1998 and through countless experiments, failures, mistakes and blunders, while I consistently kept investing lots of money and time in my Education, I gradually reached a point -it really took me many years because I was more idiotic than I’d dare to admit-  where I own a Huge Portfolio of mainly PREMIUM .com Domains, I offer my e-Consulting Services to Companies at Handsome Monthly Fees Rates on Annual Contractual Basis, I generate Thousands of Euros in Sales per month for my Clients, and recently I had the GREATEST HONOR I could ever dream of, having  long conference Calls with TOP GOOGLE Executives.

I decided to put my JOURNEY’s Highlights together on a Well-Organized GUIDE using REAL-LIFE Case Studies from MY OWN Track Record, and help as many people as possible LEARN to use INTERNET as a Financial Growth Tool, because I believe There Shouldn’t Be Poverty on Earth in the INTERNET ERA.

I want your FOCUSED ATTENTION  and I know I will NOT have it unless you Pay 🙁   I also know that most of those who will BUY My Program, will NEVER Put the Knowledge in Action…..but having to PAY to remain Members and maintain access to the Training Material and Tools I’m offering, will at least serve as a REMINDER of what they can Really Accomplish if they want to.  Another “TRICK” I added to my SYSTEM in order to KILL ALL EXCUSES is a Private “Members Only” SKYPE Room where all Members can hang around, and I’ll be available to chat, VIDEO-chat, exchange ideas and info most of the day.

Besides, having a FULL WEEK’s time to evaluate the Club’s Material for a NEXT TO ZERO Cost of  1euro is nearly a joke.  Don’t you think so?  Coffee costs 1.80euro but even if you can have one at 1.00euro wouldn’t you sacrifice a coffee for a week of access to a CLUB of Information that has the potential to change your life?

For the Very Few who will USE the Knowledge….SKY IS THE LIMIT and remaining Members of the CLUB will give them continuing access to me and other Members as well a wealth of updates and resources I’ll be adding each month.  The cost is Ridiculously Low for the Value of Info you’ll be getting.

Let me point out here my Eager Desire to help Greek Entrepreneurs grasp the Basics of  Web-Property Development Thinking and that’s why I am re-designing the Whole Course adapting it to the Greek Language and the current Greek Market Situation as I experience it everyday through my interaction with Clients.

So, I guess you’d risk ONE EURO to find out if  “SSofia Success Club”  is YOUR Success Club, and we’ll be glad to see you on the other side 🙂

To Your Success

Dr Sofia Stavropoulou


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