Web-Traffic : A Wild Animal You Know Nothing About ?

Every essential truth is associated with an unending series of myths, mainly because us humans, by nature tend to complicate things in our lives instead of simplifying them.  Web-Traffic is not the exception to this rule.   Many  so called Web-Marketing Experts,  have consistently cultivated  a general misconception regarding what Web-Traffic is made from.  Suddenly, it’s all about numbers, and rates, and data and stats…  But is this really what TRAFFIC is ?

New Web-Marketers, especially people who have not a previous history in the “Bricks and Mortar”  Retail World,  have never experienced the primary form of TRAFFIC which is called “FOOT TRAFFIC”.  So they can easily be drawn to the fallacies of  those who sell to them their INCOMPLETE info-products with the main scope of collecting their money.  Ancient Greeks used to say that  Total Ignorance is far better than Half-Knowledge.  Because Half-Knowledge leads to false perception based on the creation of distorted Mental Models which result to a State of Deep Confusion.

So for a fresh Webmaster,  bringing TRAFFIC to his/her site means using a magic Software and a New Amazing Technique and bringing hundreds of visitors to a Site automatically.  Little time or effort has been invested on the possibility of attracting a group of good friends to our site, people who are just like us,  they breathe, they feel, they care, they worry and they come to our “virtual home, store or office” seeking  the solution, the answer,  the valid information…

TRAFFIC is the Lifeblood of every Business, both Offline and Online, but the health of this Business depends a lot on how this Lifeblood is being seen and treated.  TRAFFIC is about people, real ones not their replicas.  So the key to succeeding  with attracting TRAFFIC, lies to the ability to “empathize” with this particular Group of people.  Internet turns  almost every Online Business Activity into a Numbers’ Game, but the Smart Web-Marketer progresses with leaps and bounds over his/her competition, because slowly but steadily offers value to the very ONE CLIENT who represents the majority of the people who have entered his/her Offline Store.

So, everytime you think TRAFFIC…think PEOPLE.

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