The Emperor’s Myth And The Way We Cope With Reality

I had once read an ancient oriental philosophical myth that really impressed me at that time and triggered my thinking.

It was about an emperor who woke up suddenly in the middle of the night puzzled by the strangest dream . In his dream he saw he was a butterfly and now he was confused if he was an emperor who dreamed of being a butterfly or a butterfly who dreamed of being an emperor.

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Our nature is multidimensional and so is our soul.  Seeking for our soul mate can be an extremely complicated and difficult pursue or we can oversimplify it intentionally.  In both cases it is important not to fool ourselves about what we really need and want in our lives.  And of course it is extremely important to respect the other person’s pursues and priorities.

Unluckily we tend to behave egocentrically when it comes to personal relationships. First we ignore our own priorities and second we step on other peoples’ priorities too.  This way, when we’re bounched by unpleasant consequences  we stubbornly refuse to see where they came from.  It is so simple to unlock others’ hearts with a wholehearted smile and a positive attitude.  The open-ness is contagious.  Besides, if we insist in our egocentric behavior , it means all we need is our precious self and nobody else.

We must learn to change point of viewing things, and instead of emperors start to look around through a butterfly’s eyes.  Suddenly we may realize how our beloved ones are seeing things and get closer to their way of thinking too.  And most possibly we may attract an overwhelming flow of warm emotions that they’ll need to express.

Therefore it may be worth trying more than we could imagine.

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