The 5 Deadly Mistakes That Keep You From Making Money Online Today.

Since the day I realized the tremendous opportunities Internet represents to the world, I strongly believe that making money online today should be a universal and indisputable norm. Nobody should be poor or broke in the era of World Wide Web, but this dream seems too good to be true and certainly the lack of common sense has contributed tremendously to this direction.

I’m a big fan of the saying “the more personal, the more universal”, so I’ll try to reflect my opinions -which are backed up by hard data- based on my own first hand experience.

And here I am, almost twelve years after my first reluctant experimentations, countless e-books, reports, webinars, teleseminars, courses and workshops, with a solid conclusion in my mind. There is a huge misconception about making money online. Maybe the experts deliberately teach you about the “shell” of Internet Marketing leaving the “core” dark and unknown to you. Maybe they don’t do it on purpose. Still the fact remains that if you don’t understand the importance of these five mistakes, you’ll never make it to the “holy grail” of online success.

Mistake #1: Market, keywords and competition research alone, will not be enough for you to find the “sweet spot” and see bankable results.  You have to check the trends and you certainly have to delve into the  deeper layers of the particular “industry”.  Having a direct knowledge or affinity to this Market, or hiring an expert to write a report – or help you with a Video presented interview on the topic- sometimes is not enough.  It is a jungle out there, and this jungle keeps getting bigger and wilder everyday.  You’ve got to study your market from many angles, and this is something you can’t outsource 100% most of the times.

Mistake #2: There are two processes you’ll have to consider carefully while planning your actions and setting up your strategy. Knowing only the one of the two, will not be enough. You will be left exhausted, ripped off and frustrated wondering why all the thousands of visitors that hit your website, clicked away without giving you a single dollar.  Most Web-Internet Marketers and Gurus focus on the OUTER Process directly related to the sequence of tasks you have to execute in order to bring your OFFER in front of your target audience.  Many others talk about Conversions and the magic tricks associated with inflated numbers, but very few  talk about the essence of Client’s Experience and how you set the perfect scenery towards capturing your potential Client’s attention, focus and preference.

Mistake #3: You shouldn’t pick your “niche” and your marketing style according to facts and data collected for you by certain tools alone. Tools are great but there is a missing element which will break you or make you, and you can’t afford ignoring it.  Not all Online Business Models fit all personalities.  OK, maybe in time you’ll get to develop all main Online Business Models, but when starting you should pick the one that fits you better and feels more natural to you.  This way your productivity and enthusiasm, will speed up your effectiveness and the rest will be a matter of time.

Mistake #4: Once you get things going, automated procedures and systems are not enough to give you the results you’re after, at least not in this wildly competitive environment which is called Web. The missing element is what keeps silently eating up like a slowly expanding cancer, the “soft tissues” of the giant called GOOGLE, while strengthens enormously its big opponent: FACEBOOK.  The more personal you are, the better and more durable results you’ll get.  GOOGLE brings to mind robots and spiders and algorithms.   FACEBOOK brings to mind friends, and groups and communities.  Talking about light-years of distance in terms of conceptual positioning to the Internet User’s mind.  Which one do you prefer?  Being as important to your clients or members, as your auto-responder’s series, or being a trustworthy and valuable friend they feel connected with?  No matter if your main asset is a list or a blog or a static website, rapport with people is KEY.

Mistake #5: Collecting and analyzing data, split-testing and optimizing, loses a big part of its effectiveness unless you are aware of the factor which focuses on your strengths and puts your weaknesses aside.  It is true that you can’t improve what you can’t measure.  But it’s also true that you should choose WHAT you measure carefully so it is associated with your strengths, you should choose HOW you measure your strengths and be very savvy with your EVALUATION system.  You can’t filter flour with a filter made for beans and vice versa.

To me, these five mistakes are the only big monsters I consider disastrous for my efforts to make money online through any of my activities ranging from affiliate marketing to info marketing and business consulting. Of course these monsters may take various names and definitions, but learning to identify them and cope with their parameters effectively is what will make the big difference in your online business. A difference measurable with hard cash.

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