Affiliate Marketing:My Favorite Money-Maker

What could be more exciting than making money without even using a Website of your own, without all the concerns associated to a “product’s” creation, packaging and order fulfillment, without any customer-service headaches… Sounds too good to be true?  You have to sweat a bit though.  Money comes because you’re doing the Marketing “thing”.  You are an Affiliate Marketer and get paid every time you generate a “result” -it can be a sale, an optin, filling a form etc- sending traffic to an OFFER which can be anything related to products (physical or digital) or services.  BBWSMXQBBP4R

Of course having a website would give you a series of advantages.  But that’s not a prerequisite to start with.  You are an Affiliate, which means somebody else’s “salesperson”.  Your job ends whenever a lead -a targeted visitor-  through your Affiliate Link  hits the Vendor’s OFFER-PAGE and takes the desirable action, the one you should be paid for.  Your Affiliate-Code is embedded in your affiliate link -we’ll discuss about ways to cloak it so you eliminate losses caused by malicious users-  and is your special ID which triggers the Agreement between you and the vendor, or the Affiliate Network you are a member of and the particular Vendor whose OFFER is being promoted by the Network.

To get yourself initiated into the Affiliate Marketing world, you’ll need the basic info about the types of Affiliate Networks, and of course you’ll have to setup your TRAFFIC GENERATION Strategy.

A great way to make your first steps would be to work with digital products – downloadable ebooks or software- through Clickbank.  You’ll have to pick a niche and we suggest to build a WordPress Blog following the fast and easy steps we’ll be giving you in a VIDEO Series about Affiliate Marketing.  You can then start adding quality content to your BLOG, and have a specialized plugin deliver  Clickbank Ads  with your Clickbank Affiliate ID in them.

Of course there are ways to hand-pick the info-products you would like to promote, but we will present them in more detail on another post.  To get started,  a WordPress Blog will be more than enough, and a set of  powerful  plugins will make your life easier.