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Welcome !

SIOLEENO INV. CO LTD is one of the very few Greek Companies specializing on WEB-MARKETING and WEB-PUBLISHING.    For a thorough presentation of our INTERNET SERVICES please visit

Due to the fact that our expertise offers to us very lucrative ROI when applied on our own Websites, we are extremely selective with the Clients we decide to offer our Consulting Services to.

We also specialize on Web-Property-Development and Domaining, World’s Most Sophisticated Investment Vehicles, being hubs of what is called “Virtual Real Estate”.

Because of our High Value Premium .com Domains Portfolio, and the sheer knowledge we have obtained through the years of our Web-Marketing activities, we always stress to our Clients the importance of “building” their Online Presence on the right piece of Web land, just as they would do out, in the real world.

Once the proper keywords and Competition Research Analysis has been completed, it is essential to step up to the Strategic Planning of our Web-Marketing.  There is NO WAY to reach any point without a PLAN.  There are similarities with the real world, but there are also KEY-DIFFERENCES that we have to take under consideration when planning.

1. We need to reverse-engineer our TARGET-GROUPS’ online behavioral trends

2. Next, we have to assess their priorities in terms of sales-potential for our Business

3. We have to monitor the exact Online Business Models our TOP Competitors use to cater our prospects

4. Finally we have to carefully “copy” their strengths and improve on their “weaknesses”

Once we have identified our Focus-Points, we can proceed designing the layout of our TWO Core-Charts.  Why TWO?  Because there are TWO Types of Visitors, we want our Site to be optimized for :

  • Search Engine Robots (web-spiders/crawlers) and
  • Human Visitors

SEO which is the Internet Marketing Industry Abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization,  mainly aims at improving the way our Site is Perceived by both Spiders and Humans.  Although the boundaries between the two sectors of SEO, are quite vague, I’ll risk the discrimination for solely illustrative purposes, and I’m sure you’ll pretty aggree with me.

ON PAGE SEO : Consists of all those elements that are present on our Site, upon a Spider’s visit. Sprider practically crawls the site, seeing a view of it which is invisible to humans, and it’s called “source code”.  The purpose of the Spider’s visit, is to register as much information as possible, about the site on Search Engine’s Database, so it is precisely served to the Search Engine Users each time they type a particular term (keyword phrase) on SE’s query string.  So it totally depends on us how well our Site’s Source Code will be structured in order to emphasize the exact points our Prospects are looking for, and we are able to provide. We will not delve into more technical details here, but make sure you subscribe to our RSS FEED so you receive the FREE Tutorials on SEO we’ll be releasing soon.

OFF PAGE SEO : This Type of SEO includes the full range of actions we set up towards populating the web with our Content, and making our Site known.  Things are not as simple as they seem to be.  Although a big part of OFF PAGE SEO consists of  Link Building – meaning our systematic efforts to increase the number of Links from other Sites, pointing back to ours, – proper SEO is also involved in  Social Media Marketing, although it is somehow more subbtle. After all, the reason we so much care for the number of Backlinks we’ll get, -as well as their quality- is directly proportional to the targeted traffic volume we anticipate to receive from the Search Engines, and the Exposure Degree we’ll gain for our Brand, Products or Services as we gradually keep saturating the web with our carefully designed “buzz”.

SALES PROCESS : Once we bring Targeted Qualifying Leads to our Site, our Biggest Concern shifts to CONVERSION RATE, the figure indicating the percentage of visitors that become buyers/clients.  The STRATEGY behind CONVERSION RATE Increase is by itself a huge chapter, and we’ll not touch it here. You can visit our Blog and read Postings related to Client’s Experience.

EXECUTION : This part of the process sounds less fancy and intriguing, but it’s the backbone of our whole PLAN.  Without a Team of Associates, who will Systematically and Continuously produce results feeding our Site’s Momentum, our whole Operation will fail tragically.  At this point, it would be appropriate to use the metaphor of the “HARE and the TURTLE”.  Web Marketing is about consistent continuous incremental steps towards our goals. It’s not about leaps and bounds.

If you wish to get an idea of a successful Online Business’s Functional Structure, please fill in the form on the right and Sign-Up for our FREE Newsletter. A gift in the form of a MAP is waiting for you once you Sign-Up. THANK YOU for being here 🙂

Dr Sofia Stavropoulou (DMD)


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