Night’s Darkest Hour : Can Greece model Argentina’s Recovery Mechanisms?

With my Country in my heart, analyzing various scenarios about its Recovery and  being by nature Optimistic, I can’t ignore Life’s Axiom that “The Darkest Hour of the Night is just Before Dawn”.

While PSI Conferences, Meetings and Negotiations seem to have reached a Settlement Point, TROICA insists on imposing  False Cycle Practices in the name of necessary REFORMS, almost “killing the patient right on the Operation Table”.

I searched and found two of the most well presented Studies about ARGENTINA’S RECOVERY, and I’m sure Greece will soon bounce back and reach unpresentended levels of growth.  I strongly believe that no matter what the outcome of all the processes so far is, default or not default, all we need is a STABILIZED POINT OF REFERENCE to bounce from.  Doesn’t matter how low, supported or non supported it maybe. At least we’ll know where we can START FROM.

Please find attached the two Studies on ARGENTINA RECOVERY, and feel free to leave your comments below.



To my opinion, my COUNTRY’s Economy is being a CANCER-PATIENT brutaly mistreated at first -when reversal and healing were an easy option- by its own Governmental Policies, and now by the System under its Custody this Patient has entered the OPERATION ROOM.

First and outmost mistake done by the Teams of EuroGroup, IMF etc, is that the TROICA has no effective and carefully designed plan for Greece, and furthermore, they delegated their DRAFT’s clumsy execution to Highly Paid Employees of one of their Organizations, instead of appointing Universities Professors, prominent analysts, successful economists to do it.  It’s like delegating an Open-Heart Surgery to the Surgery Assistants who are good only in handing the scissors and the tweezers.

Once on the Operation Table, we can’t just decide to remove a neoplasmatic tumor that almost occupies 60% of patient’s body.  (I make this parallelism with the hypertrophic Public Administration Sector) We locate the most malignant and aggressive parts of it, mainly the ones near major organs, and remove them in a conservative manner.  We support the patient with blood supply -funds- and we make sure the treatment is systematic in “attack cycles” he can survive, giving time to its own immune system to balance the situation.

If Chemotherapy is the treatment of choice, we make sure the expected outcome outbalances the toxic side effects of the drugs, and we try to stimulate immune response through alternative non toxic remedies.  Salaries Cuts and Extra Taxes are just like toxic Chemotherapy Drugs given without any plan and particular thought, while it is common truth that they can kill the patient if not administrated with outmost care.

I know that no matter how much prominent personalities like Mr George Soros have expressed unwelcome prophecies about Greece -although I’ve lost my high opinion of the man since I read about the way he treated his girlfriend, showing a profile of a deeply insecure person  (I bet you can afford to pay for a poor personal choice of yours Mr Soros, just like any real gentleman of your caliber would do,  instead of hiding yourself behind your army of wellpaid Lawyers and the dresses of your new Barbie-Dolls) – Greece will NOT Die.  Greece only currently experiences the symptoms of  “Political Poisoning” which has been a chronic condition. Thanks to the crisis, collective awareness and political consciousness -an integral part of each Greek’s DNA- have been alerted and only great results can come out of this.

Although Greece is destined to find back its route to Recovery and Growth, I’m sure that European Union Leaders will see the short, medium and long term effects of potential Greece’s default to the European ECOSYSTEM and to the world, and this DOMINO EFFECT is going to be way beyond repair once triggered. I’m confident that personalities with exceptional political perception abilities are already leaning over the core of the European Debt Crisis seeking Healthy and Sustainable Solutions.



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