Marketing To People

Thank you for visiting 聽You most probably have been redirected here after you expressed your interest in receiving our WEB-BUSINESS Strategic PLAN.

If this is the case, you should expect to get an email, so please check your mailbox now, for the email with the confirmation link in it. 聽Once you click it, you’ll go to the PLAN’s page. 聽 We hope you use it as your GUIDE to RICHES and adapt it to each of your online venture’s specific priorities.

If you are one of our site’s friends and visitors, you can visit 聽STRATEGIC PLANNING Page and read about the Web-Business PLAN 馃檪 聽You see, the main idea is about Marketing To People, not just trying to sell our stuff. 聽What”s the difference between the two ? 聽Marketing to People means catering to their already existing desires and needs, while Selling our Stuff, 聽serves no-one else than our sterile and non-productive “alter ego”.

Strategic Planning is about identifying People’s Desires and Needs, 聽analyzing 聽People’s Trends and Behavioral Patterns, 聽tracking the Specific Target Groups our Product or Service has extremely high value for and placing our Offer in front of them.
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Part of the Strategic Planning is an exhaustive Research of Keywords and Trends, as well as existing Web-Dynamics that can help us design our Plan. 聽Another core component of the whole process is drafting the exact sequence of steps to be taken along with the budget associated with tools or services that go with them. 聽Outsourcing is a Major Success Factor, but there are many parameters to its efficacy.

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