Landing Page Optimization for Search Engine Spiders :)

Talking about the different types of Landing Pages will be the topic of another posting, because our ultimate goal will determine how simple or complex our Landing Page should be in terms of elements included.

Optimization is about improving our Landing Page’s performance and consequently our Site’s Rankings and exposure by appealing to TWO distinct kinds of “visitors” :  people and search engine spiders.

SEO is about luring the spiders with the kind of “info-food” they love.  When they visit our Site, they do it for one purpose : to categorize the info they’ll collect in their huge Database, in order to serve it to the people when they type certain keywords in their query string.

To make sure our site offers useful info and its content is relevant, they will use certain criteria to give it a score.  They will check which are  our Main Keywords, if we use them on the Title, in the description, in h1, h2, h3, h4 header tags, and if we mix them up with keywords of  similar meaning or related semantics.  LSI is the “Latent Semantics Indexing” technology  embodied in the Search Engine’s Algorithm.  LSI keywords must be included in the Description as they must also be contained in the body of our content.
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The images are another major point of our Landing Page’s SEO.  SE Spiders are “blind” to images named with numbers i.e.  2345.jpg   On the other hand, GOOGLE loves images which are named or have ALT TEXT with keywords that match.  The reason GOOGLE loves such images, is that they offer value to its IMAGE Searchers.

How will SE Spiders help our Site?  They’ll help its pages get indexed, and by evaluating the on-page optimization elements we mentioned as well as the volume and the quality of incoming links -backlinks- from other sites will add to its PAGE RANKING score and will directly push its ranking on GOOGLE’s organic results listings.


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