ICELANDERS : “We better die in the middle of the ocean…”

The exemplary case of ICELAND, shows Greece the way.

Greece for years, is being plagued by an unprecedented crisis.

Originally the idea was for the collective consciousness of Hellenes to be awekened so we could open our eyes to a rotten and filthy political system which in the name of our Republic sold out country’s assets, impoverished our present and condemned our future.

The bitter truth is, we nurtured and have tolerated this “monster” for decades by voting as if we participated in beauty contests, applying the mentality of football fans. Politicians were fully aware of this and grabbed the opportunity to bring the whole country down to their own private benefit.

Leonidas and his 300 were sacrificed for Greece in ancient times, while Greece is being sacrificed for its 300 corrupted parliament members today.

Democracy, as it was taught by our ancestors, has nothing to do either with political parties or with a five minutes voting process, after people have been systematically brainwashed by controlled Media.

Political Parties tear citizens apart in groups appearing to have totally different political orientations from each other, aiming at shifting voters’ focus from their Country’s farewell to the predominance of those who are more right than the others…..or less wrong at least. This leads to a shredded society which becomes easy prey to predators lurking to destroy it.

The Republic of our ancestors was a Republic of Assemblies and ongoing Public Meetings at a place called “Agora” and had nothing to do with shopping, while was all about spontaneous political dialogue driven by every citizen’s concern for the good of the country and all people were involved in this political dialogue.

Voting process was distinguished for its transparency. It was not left at the mercy of any Singular Logic -the jewish interests private Company that supports technologically elections in Greece “cooking” the results to the liking of those behind it- or manipulated by foreign countries’ agents.

We have  endured  and encouraged a situation which today has brought Greece to the brink of chaos.

The productive generation of Greece today, my generation, generation of 1960-1970 and our children, are people educated, perceptive, capable, hardworking, even charismatic to a high degree and given the fact that we have been awakened, we don’t rely on a fatalistic outlook of things and do not believe that “what is not worse is best”.

This attitude might be suitable to our parents or grandparents who had not our education, but certainly does not fit us.

The degree of difficulty is high and so are our abilities.

Having reached this state, we should think strategically. Being as active as social and political activists can be, is a nice option but has the temporary effect of fireworks. The “monster” that roars in our Parliament, knows that and is just waiting for us to get tired and surrender.

We need no leaders because we are not a “flock”, we are autonomous and self-luminous bright personalities.

We need a solution model which has been proven successful. A model which was not based on circumstances or individual leading personalities, but on an entire nation’s people who all contributed each one as an individual and alltogether in unity.

Searching for a successful solution model that has characteristics like those of ECUADOR and ICELAND, I chose to study ICELAND, sharing with you what I discovered, so we can brainstorm together on how GREECE can emulate such an example, adjusting the solution parameters to our country’s crisis profile.

When the enemy has thrown you down to the ground, time is running against you and strategic thinking is your only weapon.

I have good news brothers co-Hellenes. We need neither miracles nor saviors locals or foreigners to break free from the EU tyrrany which has chained our lives with EURO as a Trojan Horse that would have brought prosperity but instead was used to manufacture illegal debts and impose them to countries who then are forced to give their natural resources and assets as perpetual guarantees for paying back their bubble-debt. One day, people of EUROPE will be watching with disgust all these criminals that plotted the EU and the EURO fraud against a whole array of countries, standing in front of their Judges.

ICELAND, this little icy island of 300000 inhabitants -homeland of the Vikings- that were traditionally fishermen, got entangled in the maelstrom of unrestrained capitalism, since it privatized its three banks, lived the ecstasy of opulence as the bubble of the Banks grew bigger and landed abruptly in a sad and cruel reality, -perhaps a little better than we’re experiencing today in Greece, – when the bubble popped and threatened to destroy every Icelandic citizen while IMF vultures were setting foot in the country.

While the newly elected Parliament of the country decided to proceed with the BAILOUT of banks without many second thoughts about it, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, did not sign the relevant Bill and referred the lenders to the People’s Verdict by launching referendum.

With Referendum, 98% of Icelanders said NO to the option of saving the banks at the expense of the people.

The Blackmails and pressures they were submitted to, as well as their steps on the road to recovery of their economy and the effective restart of society that had begun to enter a decline phase, I want to share with you here.

After a YouTube search, I found a series VIDEOS which is worth watching again and again until joy spreads its wings in your heart.

-Why do I talk about joy;

Because when you see that someone who has been in a similar unfortunate position like you, discovered an extremely effective way to solve the problem and eventually returned to growth and progress, YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO THE SAME.

Knowledge gives you power, gives you a reason to exist and fight for your rights, but above all, knowledge shows you the way. It shows you not only the desired outcome but also gives you the PLAN and the actionable steps needed to get there.

And before I give you the Series of VIDEOS where you’ll see how our Icelandic friends referred to their homeland adventure that escaped the crisis successfully, I would like to point out the keyword phrase precious for us Hellenes if we’re going to follow their example and this is the OVERTHROW OF THE SYSTEM which means CANCELLING the MONSTER and REDEFINING DEMOCRACY so that it serves only the people and not the monsters.

Thank you ICELAND!

Dr Sofia S. Correia

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