Eat That Competitor

Lets talk about some common-sense and value things.   First of all, before we talk about any Market and its nitty gritty details, we should agree on the basics.

  • We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • We don’t have to reach perfection, just go a tad further than our #1 Competitor.
  • We have to have a plan.
  • We have to stick to our plan.
  • Success is the result of a set of very boring and repeating tasks.  The secret of success is consistent repetition.  Did I say Consistent?  Let’s say it again :  C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T  R-E-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N.
  • Competitive advantage is whatever makes us stand out of our Competition not in general but IN OUR TARGET CLIENT’S MIND.

Now I feel a lot better, because I let this out of my chest.  I haven’t been good with more than one of these points quite often in my business life, but when I was, the results were TREMENDOUS !  My main problem has been to stay focused and not get distracted by silly or seemingly lucrative options.   Yes, I know that Opportunity Cost has been one of Waren Buffet’s  key thought- elements towards defining his position in regards to an investment strategy, but when you have set a plan and are out there to execute it, JUST EXECUTE the damn thing !  Forget anything else even exists.
[cbmage]competition analysis[/cbmage]

Ok, I became a bitch and I apologize, but my intentions are the best, and to prove it, I have a simple TWO STEPS  tactic to show you when you want to start promoting your Online Business and feel “lost”.   FIRST you need to find out WHO ARE THE BEST in your industry.  Go to ALEXA and choose the right category or sub-category and …’ll get what you need.  SECOND you need to see their “numbers” and get an idea of your “client’s” profile , since by the way, you appeal to the same target group.  Some nice Competition Analysis can be done if you visit  QUANTCAST.COM  and start putting one by one your TOP ALEXA Competitors in their search-box.  Just keep notes, make comparisons and… can thank me later 🙂

Now you know your TOP COMPETITORS, their sites’ DEMOGRAPHICS, and you need to decode their Linking Strategy and their SEO Strategy so you can locate their strengths and copy them, as well as their weaknesses and beat them.   I won’t go any further through this article.  Just keep your eyes “peeled” for my REPORT on the  “MAP TO ONLINE RICHES”  and I’m sure you’ll have the chance to find out EXACTLY what you need to do for YOUR online business so you can Eat Your Competitors Alive.

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