Client’s Emotions

A secret most of world’s TOP Copywriters know is that when we buy emotions are always put ahead of logic.  We buy with our heart not our brain.   So whenever we talk about Sales and Marketing, in any field, any aspect scale or dimension, EMOTIONS rule.   We’ve got to dig and find the emotions hidden behind each particular transaction.

So Client’s Emotions acting as motivators, can be fear, uncertainly, need to be appreciated,  recognized, accepted, taken care of,  respected, protected… The list can go on and on.  Did you notice something common behind all these kinds of emotions?   They all can be reduced to one single thing :  INSECURITY.   We buy to feel “complete” contented and secure.  Our obsession with possesion is linked to this deeper need for security.   That’s why “having” sometimes overshadows “being” in our modern times.  Erich Fromm had studied this phenomenon in terms of individual psychology.  I believe its roots are rather social  and depict the appeal of  contemporary monstrous social structures to the sensitive and receptive , yet introvert individual.  System pushes me to get locked into myself.  I can only fight the system  being surrounded by belongings that validate my existence.  I have ….therefore I exist.   Long Live Consuming Society !

From the little child that buys a cone of ice-cream to experience the few moments of sweet icy pleasure up to the Oil Tycoon who just concluded a multibillion dollar deal and now is enjoying his favorite whiskey basking in the glow of sweet achievement,  the common denominator is about fighting insecurity.   The woman who desperately wants to lose those  12 extra pounds in one month or even less, actually seeks antidotes to her insecurity that poisons both her self esteem and her relationships to others, as she  gets the perception that her image in their eyes’ mirrors is unaccepted.   The youngster who will download in a frenetic speed the latest version of his favorite VideoGame, seeks to fight his insecurity about his inadequacy with girls , his failure with school and his lack of communication with family.  The endless hours he’s about to spend lost in the sequence of Game’s Levels,  will put his brain to sleep just as any anti-depressant  pill would do.  All is well in his world, as long as he’s gaining points and beats oponents.  The experience is so exilarating he can literally get “beamed” into this virtual reality.  That’s where he feels secure and accepted.

The Online Business Opportunity seeker, is the potential client for a vast and rapidly growing Industry of info products, that promise to cope with her insecurity claiming they can do it fast and easy.  Nomatter if  she piles up one report after another, without even browsing their first 5 pages, she still pursues the next big thing or magic bullet  that will bring her closer to the 6 or 7 figure riches  and a millionnaire’s lifestyle !

Every purchase, every new possession feeds the insecurity monster inside us and tries to fool it to the extent of keeping it at bay, calm and asleep.  Here is where the Marketer’s Role comes into play.   Feelings, emotions, are byproducts of experience.  All we have to build to lure our client to buy from us, is a unique and unparallel experience  which will differentiate us from Competition and offer to the client a variety of privileges.  Even if you are selling the #1 TOP QUALITY product in the world, you’ll fail miserably  unless you manage to “wrap” it with the veils of a story that convinces the client about the decisive impact it has over hidden insecurity.

Emotions are not only weaved into  the decision process.  Emotions  trigger interest, flame up desire, and create a plexus of connectivity bonds that keep the client coming back again and again in the future, leading to backend sales, upsales, and lifetime added value.  Again building trust with your client, basically pressuposes you have located his core-insecurity and manage it effectively and systematically, seeing the world through his eyes.

A simple way to locate your client’s emotional triggers and to enhance the interaction between you, is through a series of brief questions about his/her feelings  so you can get the answers right from “horse’s mouth”.   Once all paletes of emotions are listed, you can relate each one with  your product’s relevant benefits, and from that point on, it only takes a little effort to align yourself with your prospect.  The rest takes care of itself.

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