Fear Decoded | A philosophical Essay by Sofia S. C.

Friday, 1st of December 2017

Dear friend,

what’s the essence of life without freedom? The worst type of enslavement is that of having your mind controlled. You’re not free to think, to dream, to decide, to choose. Fear doesn’t let you. It keeps you chained.

The quote was saying “if you don’t live the life of your dreams, get ready to live the life you’re afraid of”. Shockingly true to the degree that almost got me mad at all and everything that had pushed me into a bottomless pit of fear.

Spotting fear, analyzing its nature and fighting its every tiny shadow of existence became my priority. That’s the reason why before talking about magnificent dreams and a beautiful life “by design” instead “by default”, I’d rather decode fear so you totally eliminate this hideous monstrosity from its favorite hideout….your mind.

Do you like challenges?
I do. Actually, I live for the challenge. This book is the first of a Series of Philosophical Essays where balancing on the semantics of English language – which is not my mother language but has borrowed all its essential terms from Greek which is – I’ll explore what makes FEAR the invisible gatekeeper of a prison, where we were all thrown at since the moment we came to planet Gaia. My approach is being presented based on analyses and syntheses of logical sequences of facts.

The tyrants found in fear, a very effective way to control seven billion people, remotely and automatically. Instigating tearful trains of thoughts in our minds, they have succeeded turning us from free and powerful individuals into consumables which is even worse than the state of slavery. Slaves may someday, somehow rebel. Consumables are meant to be consumed.

Aiming to ignite your thoughts encouraging you to break free from mental traps created by Social Conditioning, in this book will show you why Fear is only an illusion being fed by the weaknesses of your mind and how you can “scare it away” in a very short period of time at will.

Get it here 🙂

Happy reading.


How Did Turkey overcome 2001 Debt Crisis : A Harvard Paper

It hasn’t been a lot of time since I had a SKYPE chat with a good friend from Turkey, one of Major Entrepreneurs in his country and a lovely person.  He mentioned Turkey’s Debt Crisis in 2001 and that triggered my curiosity to collect more information on the factors that brought a THIRD-WORLD Economy back then  to one of the most rapidly EMERGING ones today in 2011-2012.

Please find the PDF of a HARVARD Paper on the subject, and try to evaluate the key-factors.

It goes without saying that various political factors other than the strict monetary policy of Turkish Central Bank, as Commercial Affiliations with Countries -banned from many- like IRAN also played a Major role to the Turkish “miracle” we witness today.

What Men Want…

There is this sweet feeling attached to our childhood memories that can only be described as “feel at home”.  To men this feeling has a touch of mom, a touch of secure warm and cozy family environment, a bit of tasty dinners and holidays flavors, a hint of freshly washed bed covers and well folded clean ironed clothes in the closet.

Nothing elaborated, nothing fancy. Just plain good life with the element of being loved and taken care of.  And then, life rolls on and these childhood years are something that will never come back. Something always remembered, cherished and desired.

Upon their passage to adulthood, men subconsciously want to experience again this “at home” feeling.  They sleep with many women, but the woman they’d crave to wake up with, is the one who will command and orchestrate the set of sentiments and feelings that gives them back that childhood bliss.

Well, there is that enormous sexuality factor to be considered now, but once the sexual compatibility test is passed, inspiring him with those qualities that guarantee the “at home” feeling, makes the difference between one more adventure and the queen of his life.  Isn’t happiness directly proportional to the amount of positive energy we receive? What can possibly be more positive to your man, than a warm-hearted smile and a welcome kiss accompanied by tastes you created with your loving zest? Sounds simple? It is. Sounds easy? I don’t think it’s easy.

Some of world’s top chefs are men, but that’s because men are by default “bon viveurs” and have a passion for detail and perfection while women are “programmed” to be survivors paying attention mainly to the essentials rather than detail.  You don’t have to be a chef to make him happy with your dishes.  Sorry I’m going to burst your sophisticated social conditioning bubble here, but those old fashioned models of women trained to be great housewives are not as outdated as the modern woman’s commercial image makers want us to believe.

Being clean and tidy is one of the top virtues a woman can possess. Being caring and pleasant is a blessing.  None of these conflict with her powerful career persona, and have absolutely nothing to do with the way her personality is being perceived by her social circles.  Cooking something special for my man once in a while, or ironing a shirt of his doesn’t make me less successful.

How much time of your life would it take to cook something nice for him? It’s not the time or the effort per se, it’s the focused attention of yours that adds value to the gesture.  Exuding this certainty that you can embody his sexual fantasy in bed and at the same time create his “at home” refuge, is your one and absolute passport to his heart.

It’s not simple. But if you want, you can master it.  The reward will exceed your expectations. Besides, if you really love him, you want him truly happy.

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First Things First: The FOUR Dimensions of Your Business

After having wasted precious years, energy and resources towards Business Ideas and Activities that brought poor or no results at all, the “Epiphany” came, and it was Excruciatingly Simple : I had to use my Common Sense in a Counter-Intuitive manner, and see the Forest instead of the TREE.

Well, this may not sound as new to you, but if that is the case, you are among a very tiny and priviledged minority, because almost ALL of the Clients, especially the Corporate ones, I had the honor to work with, suffer from this kind of “Blindness” to their Business’s Four Dimensions….or should I call it “unawareness”?

Exactly like a person has a PHYSICAL, an EMOTIONAL, a MENTAL and a SPIRITUAL Dimension, there is a Direct Analogue to a Business with the flame of potential and success in it.

The Physical Dimension stands for your Human Resources, your PEOPLE, your Establishments and your Technical Infrastructure. These are the “visible parts” of your Business. I would give a special degree of Gravity to your PEOPLE and separate them from the rest “physical elements” as they truly are the CORE that either makes or breaks your Model’s Backbone.

The Mental Dimension stands for the Business Plan, its Strategic Development and Effective Execution. Many think that a bright IDEA is what it takes to catapult a Business to the realms of profitability, and that as long as they carry the IDEA in their mind, things will fall together and success will come. WRONG !  You can’t go anywhere without a MAP and a concrete PLAN with a very well defined sequence of Actions and Goals.  It is essential for your TEAM, it is essential for you so you don’t lose FOCUS and keep everyone on track, always looking for more efficient ways to get there…

The Social-Emotional Dimension stands for the Customer Service, and all kinds of Relationships and Interactivity with Clients, Subscribers or Members,  your Alliances, Synergies and JV Partnerships as well as your Public Relations Policy.  Maybe the most underrated element and the one with the greatest power of all.  We humans are by default Social Beings.  The biggest part of our brain is the PRIMITIVE BRAIN which has under control the 80% of our consciousness is triggered by EMOTIONS and dominated by a gland-like structure in the core of our cerebrum  called “AMYGDALA”.  How can we EVER ignore our Clients’ emotions?  Well, sadly, most of us DO IGNORE THEM. We keep ignoring that it is way cheaper to keep and please an already established client than to acquire a new one.  ZAPPOS.COM one of E-Commerce phenomena, owes its phenomenal success to its MAIN PRINCIPLE : Making Clients Happy.  They didn’t focus on excellent shoes quality, quantity or design, etc.  They instead put themselves in their clients’ shoes and  offered them the FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE of being treated in a UNIQUE MANNER.  The result…. BILLIONS in sales, and an army of fanatic clients attracting more and more at an exponential speed through word of mouth… Think of it.

Spiritual Dimension is about your Vision and your Mission.  The Core-Belief which is depicted to your BRAND and comes from your main elements that make you UNIQUE,  as well as a constant course of  incremental improvement.  Older School of Marketing calls it USP : Unique Selling Proposition.  I call it the ROOT-CONCEPT.  It’s not easy to be understood or evaluated at first glance.  It may not be evaluated at all, but it’s of essential importance.  To help you get my point, I’ll borrow a parable I once heard from a very successful personal motivator in the US.  He spoke about the bamboo plant.  He was so glad he had just purchased  a small pot with soil and the root of bamboo in it. The joy lasted a few months while he was watering the pot and made sure it was placed on a sunny spot with plenty of fresh air around.  Soon disappointment set in as he didn’t see the slightest green sign on the soil’s surface as if the plant was NON EXISTENT or non-responsive to his daily care.  His wife started teasing him about his choice.  His friends were joking with his stubborness to keep watering a pot of soil, but a little tiny voice inside him, held resistance and didn’t let him quit.  He didn’t throw the pot to the garbage and didn’t stop watering the plant and whispering words of encouragement to the sleeping baby root.  It was after FOUR YEARS of patience and persistence, he saw the first green leave unfolding its delicacy to the open air, just above the soil’s surface.  To his glorious delight, the bamboo had just started its crazy growth at 3000-5000% per year.  It took it 4 years to build strong roots and accumulate resources.  Nobody dared to question him again.  Our Spiritual Dimension rarely sees the light -just like bamboo’s roots- and it’s hidden in dark and assumingly dirty depths, but without it there would be NO FLOWERS and NO FRUITS.  Always take care of your Business’ ROOTS and constantly feed them with the right “nutrients”.

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