Mathematics watered Samos…

Mathematics watered Samos Tunnel Tunnel – probably the most important mechanical work of the ancient Greeks! (Video)

The video is dedicated to the Tunnel Tunnel, a tunnel 1,036 meters near Pythagorion Samos, built by decree of the tyrant Polycrates in the 6th century BC in order to transfer water from the spring located behind the mountain in the capital of Samos. The aqueduct functioned on the island for about 1000 years.
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Ancient Corinth : 3D Digital Representation

Published on Sep 3, 2015
A particularly remarkable reconstruction by digital means of the ancient Greek city of Corinth as it was in the second century AD Roman Empire is shown in a few minutes video by Danila Loginov, Andrey Zarov and Vyacheslav Derbenev, members of the creative team History 3D.