Banner’s Impact.

We are visual creatures.  It’s a fact that from all human senses, vision is the most hypertrophic and the one we practice more and more.  Eventually, we may end up like those allien creatures with triangular heads, two big eyes,  no nose, nearly no mouth, no ears.

A Banner’s viewers are no exception to this rule.   When we create a Banner Ad, we have to cope with the viewer in two different psychological levels in terms of impact.  The one, is the instant visual impression of our graphics, nomatter if we chose a very nice , too ugly or even bizarre design, and the other one is the core interaction with our text message.
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Before anything else, we must capture viewer’s attention, among all these thousands of things that compete for it inside his mind and infront of his eyes.   To attract his attention is our First Bet.  (you may call it primary goal)  And guess what?  The time we have to do it, is  something around a tiny fraction of a second.

In order to effectively grab a visitor’s attention with our Banner,  we must generate a vibe that enters his inner dialogue, giving replies and creating a “mental model” that fits his reality or meets his expectations, needs and desires.  It is essential that the viewer finds a piece of himself on our Banner and can idendify with its message.

It’s no secret, that before we actually reach the point of designing a winning Banner,  we have two options :

  1. Copy what is already proven to work perfectly well in our Market, piggybacking on the accumulated knowledge and experience of our competitors, and making a slight improvement to take it to the next level and beat them.
  2. Form our own generic approach, and put it to the test, after we have thoroughly mastered the exercise of “being in my client’s shoes”.

The second “Bet” we have to win with our Banner, is the reaction we should trigger with our “CALL TO ACTION”.  That’s a major point.  There is a built-in trait of human psychology, to respond positively to promises.  A promise, has a soothing effect on the recipient and maintains a level of bonding between the two sides.  We have to carefully craft a BIG PROMISE in our Banner’s message and  our “call to action”  has to deliver that promise in a “fast, easy, unique, amazing, simple” fashion.  Of course, our Landing Page will have to carry on with our commitment and establish trust at a first layer of interaction with the new visitor.

So, it takes all these steps of a really deep process that takes place in seconds, before we actually get a CLICK THROUGH.  Don’t underestimate any of these steps, and keep split-testing the basic elements of your Banner Ad, so you get closer to your scope, which is a higher CTR (Click Through Rate).

Internet Marketing Is About Generating Momentum…

If  I say that Internet Marketing is my passion, it wouldn’t be true.   Utilizing the unlimited technical possibilities and tools Web offers, to produce measurable results to me is the Water and the Oxygen that preserve Life.

It may sound like an exaggeration, but in fact I believe I’m saying much less that it’s worth to be said.

On this Blog, I’m going to take you with me to my Internet Marketing Activities, introducing all my systems and methodologies for setting up sites that promote Info-Products,  E-Stores that sell physical products, Sites that facilitate people offering certain services  (directories etc),  Content Sites and Membership Sites.

I will present my thinking pattern from the very first moment I have an idea about a “product” to the moment I set up my mindmapping for the Project’s Development Strategy, and finally step by step towards the Plan’s Execution.

Together, we will examine, analyze and implement the basic principles that lie behind TRAFFIC GENERATION,  taking the visitor-centered approach and understanding why investing on client’s experience improvement should be our priority.

What I’ve learned the hard way – having lost tonns of precious time, and thousands of euros in info-products,  magic software, and PPC Advertising – is that once you decide to take action, the next most important thing is Generating  Momentum in :

  1. Click Through Rate and incoming traffic
  2. Conversion Rate and sales
  3. List Building
  4. Link Building
  5. Content Creation and Content Distribution
  6. Media Buying
  7. Upselling,  Cross-selling
  8. Networking,  Affiliates and JV Partners

…you are the King/ Queen of the world.  Simple as that.

Momentum shows that your Online Business has a pulse.

My biggest mistakes have been INconsistency and INcontinuity.   Once you know that your Online Business has a Momentum, you’ve made your first DOLLAR,  now you know what works, so keep doing more of it.  Scale it up.  Keep split-testing, optimizing, and ramping up.   Internet Marketing is NOT about guessing, it’s about MEASURING.  Let your visitors show you the way.  Split-Test your Sales Pages, your Ads, your Banners, your Sales Process,  your ThankYou Page, your Upsells Offers,  your Prices,  your Partners,  your Traffic Sources,  your Articles,  your Press Releases.  Split-test Everything About your marketing.  Let your clients tell you what they want and how they want it.

Once on my PPC Campaign  for my E-Store that is selling Wigs to Chemotherapy Patients, I used an AD saying  “…with a nice Wig, you’ll feel beautiful and you’ll win cancer faster…”  <—–  BULLSHIT

Visitors punished me with a nearly dead 1.4% Click Trough Rate, and a non-existing Conversion Rate.

When my AD was saying :  “…need a chemo wig?  nobody will notice you wear one.  two wigs 25% off limited offer…”  visitors rewarded me with a 20% CTR and a 2%  Conversion Rate,  which I’m still working on.

No appeal to client’s psychology and priorities = No sales   Law of Market.  Law of Nature.