Eat That Competitor

Beating your Competition consists mainly of a sequence of actions you have to take and things are quite simple. First you have to identify your competitors and we mention the necessary steps here. Next you have to evaluate their strategies, piggy-back on their advantages and take them a bit further so you can make the difference.

How Mine Is My Client? Improving Client’s Experience.

Who said that Internet Marketing is a walk in the park?   And how many have promised you to master it in a couple of weeks or months?  For God’s sake, use your common sense. With a bit of common sense, and a lot of mistakes in my portfolio – I guess they give me a … read more

Truth about Greek Debt Committee | Preliminary Report

(The Report is being re-published from ) In June 2015 Greece stands at a crossroad of choosing between furthering the failed macroeconomic adjustment programmes imposed by the creditors or making a real change to break the chains of debt. Five years since the economic adjustment programmes began, the country remains deeply cemented in an … read more

Anonymous VIDEO (republished by

Night’s Darkest Hour : Can Greece model Argentina’s Recovery Mechanisms?

With my Country in my heart, analyzing various scenarios about its Recovery and  being by nature Optimistic, I can’t ignore Life’s Axiom that “The Darkest Hour of the Night is just Before Dawn”. While PSI Conferences, Meetings and Negotiations seem to have reached a Settlement Point, TROICA insists on imposing  False Cycle Practices in the … read more

‘Transition to Christianity’ or Crime against Hellenism

The following post is republished from an email alert I received by Hellenic Council YSEE of America.  Really worth reading and spreading. (New York, New York) -The exhibition at the Onasis Cultural Center of New York entitled “Transition to Christianity” held no surprises for all those who are well aware of the influence the christian … read more

How Did Turkey overcome 2001 Debt Crisis : A Harvard Paper

It hasn’t been a lot of time since I had a SKYPE chat with a good friend from Turkey, one of Major Entrepreneurs in his country and a lovely person.  He mentioned Turkey’s Debt Crisis in 2001 and that triggered my curiosity to collect more information on the factors that brought a THIRD-WORLD Economy back … read more

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