An “Elite” made of trashy humanoids that aim to Depopulate Earth. Who are they?

They stand behind the 95% of World’s wealth.

Almost all Central Banks of the World are …theirs!

Corrupted Governments are their puppets.

Institutions that were founded to serve Humanity have been hijacked by their obedient subservients -or should I call them bribed monkeys?-.

Media they control do brainwash people poluting the net with their lies.

Military Coallitions that were supposed to guarantee Countries-Members’ safety,  send out hordes of aircrafts drawing chemtrails to our skies, showering with heavy metals and other poisons us people and endangering earth’s ecosystem in multiple ways, climate engineering being only one of them.

In countries where people have low or no proper education at all, they use Religions to get them engaged in the paranoia of hatred between brothers, triggering wars and crimes against humanity in a nonstop rally of violence and atrocities.

For the Western Countries, their plans for depopulation pass through the labs of their Pharmaceutical Companies -accidentally under their total control-  and the studios of their Films and VIDEO-Games Producing Companies -accidentally under their total control as well-.

What is the best and most cost-effective way of  DEPOPULATING Earth than forcing people to vaccinate their children with vaccines that contain POISONS like NAGALASE?

Vaccines with NAGALASE,  compromise children’ immune system forever and guarantee their early death by cancer or implications of diabetes.

Who knows what other types of POISONS they have added to vaccines for sensitive groups of population which for them are only groups to be extincted as fast as possible.

And then come the viruses like EBOLA  and ZIKA  which as more and more people now come to suspect may very well be biological weapons created in the labs of the Research Companies that belong to the same “Elite” of trashy humanoids that THREAT HUMANITY.

As for the part of their PLAN that concerns Western Societies?

Movies and VIDEO-Games Industries have set the standards for the new “lifestyle” norms, also using SOCIAL MEDIA –  trashy Elite’s “Big Brother”- to spread the word about the new trends of girls becoming attracted to fornication dressing and behaving codes while boys questioning their sexuality being tempted to reject it for the sake of something more fashionable like being gay.

The hidden agenda behind all these new Raw-Models  -promoted by female sluts celebrities and male monkeys stars, – aims at destroying the Human Genetic Code  so that children are produced via genetic engineering labs in the future, those being born the traditional way are offered to be consumed by a carnivorous society of perverts and pedophiles and people get strip naked from the power of their TRUE IDENTITY, becoming vulnerable to the orders and rules imposed to them by the trashy “Elite” and its humanoids.


Before we start digging deeper, -which we’ll do with coming articles- let’s pay attention to the fact that their SYSTEM is based on a PARADOX and is doomed to fail pretty soon.

Their SYSTEM’s power ends where PEOPLE’s AWARENESS begins.

The numbers?

They’re 13 Families and their thousands of servants.

We’re B I L L I O N S!

The Odds?

Most of their own System’s parameters will act as a Boomerang against them.

Can we take our world back off their filthy nails?

We definitely can!

Can we send them to the Courts and put them to trial for their Crimes Against Humanity?

We definitely can!


FREEDOM is our birthright !

Dr Sofia S. Correia

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