Feed The Traffic Crowd

I have to agree that the most OBVIOUS things are right under our nose…that’s why we don’t see them.

And the biggest truths of all, are outrageously simple.  Why am I in a philosophical mood?  Well I’ve got to share with you my most recent personal “apocalypse” in Internet Marketing.  Keep reading.

Through the long years of my quest in the Internet Marketing World, studying techniques of setting up Websites,  crafting sales messages,  experimenting on new traffic generation methods and link building strategies,  CONTENT has always been mentioned as the KING or the “holy grail” of a solid Online Presence foundation.

Without Content, there is NO Site, and NO Marketing Material which will be reformatted into pieces of Articles, Blog Comments, VIDEOS, Reports, Postings, Ads, Audios and anything else you can imagine.  And of course, we have to ALWAYS keep in mind how important using our main keywords and sprinkling them around is.  And yes, we can trick the system here and there automating our Content’s Production or multiplying its volume ….yes that’s right.  After all, we’re living in the era of automation.  Nothing wrong with that.  Right? WRONG!

Reading the report of one of world’s most successful Bloggers, and combining his information with the teachings of a Great Affiliate Marketer, I suddenly had one of those rare moments of  absolute clarity…should I call it an “wow” moment?

Among the blind monetization models which I was researching trying to include all on a Site I had solely built for flipping,  it suddenly occured to me that my Visitors are a hungry crowd looking for their favorite food -just like I do when surfing or searching the web- and they’re very selective even to the canned web-food they’re being offered.  Why should I treat them as idiots?

OF COURSE ! How couldn’t I realize it for so long?  My most successful Blogs have always been those I poured my soul in.  While all those I built for solely commercial purposes, had not reached as fast and as easy the levels of quality traffic I was looking for.  On my orchestrated efforts to setup an Affiliate Site dedicated to selling Expensive Oriental Carpets, I instinctively noticed that I should create tons of content around the carpets’ origin, and history, and craftsmanship, weaved with local tales and myths, or traditions, not only to justify their “crazy” prices to the visitors, but to bring them “in the mood” of appreciating a really timeless  handmade piece of art.

My mind flew to the sales-tactics of Mrs Moiraraki, a famous TV-Marketing Carpet Seller in Greece,  likeable to many people, not very likeable to others, but known to EVERYONE thanks to the info she managed to dress up her sales messages with, for each and every piece of carpet she was presenting.

She has a way to introduce a piece of rug as a unique artcraft -which it really is in terms of creation- reflecting its uniqueness in a subtle manner to its future owner, who will not only enjoy an excellent piece of home decor but will also be perceived as a person of exquisite taste and feel for the arts.

Because of the way Mrs Moiraraki, uses “CONTENT” to tell a story, to describe something new to her audience, and to add value to the lifeless piece of rug she demonstrates, her carpets magically become the alive but silent witnesses of exotic cultures, mysterious tribes of the orient and that fact gives them the invisible power of positive energy and status in addition to their beautiful designs.

If you got my message, the very exact analogue on the WEB should be used to sell ANYTHING.

It makes no difference if we’re selling Info-Products, or Physical Products, Services or Advertising Space.  Our CONTENT should feed the hungry crowd that comes to our site, and keep them happy.  The first thing I should advise a Client of mine, who is into RETAILING, is to combine E-Commerce with Blogging.

I had been approached recently by a friend, who had his E-Store setup and Search Engine Optimized, looking for ways to attract online sales and beat recession.  He’s into home-stores with top Brands for sheets and towels and anything you can imagine that dresses a bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom.  I had some difficulty explaining to him how important it would be to build a blog on his Site, offering a wealth of info regarding choices, combinations, home interior ideas and tips, making nice suggestions to “brides to be” which are a big part of his “target group” etc, getting engaged in a live dialogue with his visitors and answering their questions.  It’s not just being informative telling the difference between cotton or silk sheets and which set of towels comes handy for kids’ bathroom.  It’s about building trust with your visitors.  They’ll realize you KNOW your stuff, you’re an expert, you are the one they can turn to when it comes to home interiors.  And guess which is going to be their first thought when they’ll need a tablecloth?  Your E-Store.

For another Client of mine, into Catering Business, my setup strategy prioritizes the creation of a blogs-cluster, offering a ton of ideas and practical tips to all categories of his target groups.  When a mother finds a ton of VIDEOS about setting up a successful kids’ party, or  a galore of recipes for gourmet dinners to friends, guess what she’ll think about when the next family gathering or celebration comes up?  Calling the Catering Company and asking for their Services.  Besides, they know their stuff better, she trusts them.

Examples could be countless.  I won’t even touch the Info-Industry on this article, but you can quite follow my example regarding Services.  I offer High Level Internet Marketing Education for FREE to my Site’s visitors.  Apart from being a good girl, there also is an additional reason to that….or maybe a “hidden” motive.  Building trust, and proving my authority in the field, you know who to trust with your Online Presence when time comes to build your Site, or Remodel your Web-Strategy.

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