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Its main purpose is to share my thoughts, ideas and expertise on INTERNET MARKETING, mainly with Greek Individuals who are open-minded enough to see the Major Shift in our ERA brought by the Web Reality, which is here to stay for at least a few thousand years  :D

It would be  misleading to say, that making money working from home is the ONLY Golden Opportunity Internet has to offer.   As crazy as it may sound, looking back through my 13 years orbit in the world of Internet Marketing,  I have to admit that my first Big Money from the INTERNET came from sources other than what we traditionally call  “work from home Internet-Business Model”.

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Stay tuned, and I promise you’ll be fascinated by the long trip I’ll take you to, discovering together most of the wildly successful Online Business Models and some of the less known and highly sophisticated Online Investment Vehicles.

But before our “WEB-SpaceShip” takes off, I would like to introduce myself as briefly as possible -for a serial talker like me (lol)-  through  what I like to call “My Life’s Axioms”.

If “axioms” are supposed to be the basis of any  analytical and synthetical thinking process, you’ll find below some of my Favorite ones.

My first AXIOM comes from a sequence presented and taught through Ancient Tragedy by Greeks (Aeschylos, Sophokles, Eurypides), but I’m sure it also has been expressed by all kinds of Philosophical Systems in the world, religious or not.  The sequence is :  “hyvris” (insult) —> nemesis (punishment from above) —–> regret —–> katharsis (state of inner clearance).   We live in an era of wild competitiveness – that is if we’re after success-  where all laws of jungle apply, but in the meantime, we must be very careful NOT to lose the bet about keeping our integrity intact, keeping the child inside us alive and happy, and  having consistently a sense of measure and purpose in our life.

The way I had heard this AXIOM rephrased was as “the pool effect” and I was really amazed at the depth of it, as it was presented by a speaker at an Internet Marketing Conference I had attended in LA in October 2007.  ( Eben Pagan’s “Get Altitude” Program )    When struggling against invisible enemies or even against obstacles that get in your way, it’s extremely easy to become arrogant, selfish and be tempted to “play it God” once you reach a certain level of achievement.  If you do that, you commit “hyvris” as ancient Greeks named the heavy sin of insulting Gods.  Don’t do that.  Be humble instead.  Don’t be unfair to people, because soon your turn will come to be mercilessly mistreated.  Feel the bliss of being and having, and find ways to share it by giving away as much as you can.  If you’re swimming in your brand new pool and are enjoying it , does it matter if its depth below your toes is  10 or 100 feet?   If it was 200 feet, would it make you enjoy your pool swimming anymore?  Would it add significantly to the quality of your life?  Try to specify your “pool depth” that is enough to make you happy, and make other people happy by giving whatever doesn’t ADD to your life’s quality and essence.

Second AXIOM comes from my personal lessons through life experiences.  Never count on others’ assistance if you have lost the control of your pursuit.  Most of us tend to fall into the fallacy of accepting what we’d like to believe as real, and base our activities on hopes and wishes rather than facts.  Well, just don’t blame anybody else, because a project or venture of yours got killed by the ignorance, indifference, inadequacy or sabotage of others.  You should have made sure every little factor was checked and secured and facts were all in the right place and alignment, before you unload your priorities on somebody else’s shoulders.

Third AXIOM will sound simplistic but I challenge you to prove it so.  Things we take for granted in life, and neglect to acknowledge and appreciate, are the ones we crave the most throughout our whole life journey.  If you stay in bed 5 minutes before you get up in the morning, and think of all the little ordinary things around you that make your life beautiful, you may realize that they are the ones that reach the core of your existence.  How many times a warm hug from your kid, a smile from your man or woman, the rose in your garden that just got opened, the coffee-break  you enjoyed with a friend, the after match celebration you had with your team-mates, a phone call you got from your doctor’s office, a gift you received from your mother,  an SMS you got on your mobile……and thousands of other little things…..made your day look brighter?

I once was visiting a patient, client of my Medical Store, who was a 33 years old totally paralyzed tetraplegic, unable to move any other part of his body except his mouth and eyelids.  He was then at such a severe stage of his disease’s progress, that he needed a respirator to help him breathe.  As I was sitting next to him, talking about a device he was interested in buying, I received a phone call from my Attorney, giving me bad news about my appartment which was being lost during an auction that followed its foreclosure.  My sadness was so overwhelming, I suddenly burst into tears infront of George – the patient- and although my Attorney on the phone tried to comfort me a bit, I really felt helpless at that moment.   As soon as I hanged up, George asked me what was going on, and when I told him about the problem, he said something I will NEVER forget  :  “Sofia, your problem is funny and unimportant, and shouldn’t shed a single tear over it, because one way or another, you’ll fix it and things will get better than you expect them to be.  On the other hand, my problem of seeing your shadow falling on my arm knowing that I’ll never be able to feel your touch or taste your kiss, is getting more painful, especially when I see you crying and can’t even hold you.  But still, I’ll live with it, and I’ll keep hoping one day a medicine will help me stand up again. Till that day comes, I choose to smile…”   

Fourth AXIOM is about salesmanship.  Don’t you really think that salesmanship is the most sophisticated art of being and interacting with other people?  Apart from the fact that each and everyone of us sells products or services for a living, aren’t we actually born to be “selling” who we are and what we bieve on a constant basis ?  Thanks to our social conditioning and the influence our close environment had on us during childhood, most of us find it really hard t overcome our insecurities, that keep interfering and messing up with our relationships.  I know first hand, because I have been there.  How much common sense does it take for us to realize that if we DON’T BUY ourselves why should anyone else BUY us?  To make others like us and “buy” into our image, personality, whatever we stand for in regards to them, we should inspire them with our self confidence and the way we carry and treat ourselves.   As Ben Affleck’s character in the movie “BOILER ROOM”  – you can see some shots below- says :  “every phone-call is an act of sales, it’s either YOU who closes the sale, or the other side who close the sale by convincing you they don’t want to buy”.

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Fifth AXIOM is about World Wide Heart Opener Key.  And actually this is what makes the critical distinction between  animals and humans.  What else ?  SMILE.  Smile is so much depreciated and neglected yet, just one heartfelt smile where both eyes are shinning, can make your whole day….admit it.   I don’t know why some people find Smile as a sign of weakness or inferiority or submissiveness or….I don’t know what else might cross their sick minds.  But believe me, I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Smile is a powerful communication weapon, and a great ice-breaker in any condition and under any circumstance.  Don’t hesitate on giving it generously.  What you give reflects back to you.  So you have lots to gain…some of them invaluable.  When I catch myself feeling down, I do the SMILE-EXCERCISE.  Yes, you heard right.  We can’t smile and feel bad at the same time.  Try it for yourself and you’ll see I’m right.  So, once you force yourself to smile, you force your bad feelings and their causes to the back yard of your conscious mind and that’s a VICTORY because when you consciously are in a good mood, your ability to cope with any situation improves.

Of course I couldn’t leave out of my AXIOMS list the one about :  “what mind can conceive and believe, mind can achieve”   As Napoleon Hill says in his book ” Think And Grow Rich”  and as you can read in hundreds of other self-improvement and success-oriented guides Definitiveness Of Purpose and Visualization Of It, are the steps closest to its Realization and this is my #6 AXIOM’s Ground.  Watch a shot of  “BOILER ROOM” which I can watch countless times.

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AXIOM #7 stands for :  ” LOVE and TOGETHERNESS blossom where Individual Freedoms are respected and nourished”   If you are honest with yourself, you may realize that although every new relationship of yours starts with the best of intentions, you end up becoming a possessive clutch that seeks ways to “absorb” your partner’s life and keep it under your absolute control by all aspects.  OK, if you find my words bitter, call me a “bitch”, but still learn to look yourself into the eyes.  The good thing about relationships the way most of us define them, is that they help us get out of our selfish shell and reach out for togetherness.  The bad thing is that once we are out of our shell, we  are transformed into hunters  who are out ready to drag to their shell any prey they find worth pursuing.  Just think of the reasons why you fell in love with your partner.  And now think again how many of your actions aim at changing his/her personality to your liking and to monitor his/her life and to dictate his/ her reactions to your commands.  This is part of your insecurities coming up to the surface.  Don’t worry….most of us have them.  The good news are, you can be your partner’s PERFECT companion by reversing your model of action into a less self-centered one.

Answer this simple question :  which of the two kinds of people love flowers most ?

  • Those who keep fresh flowers in a vase on their desk everyday ?
  • Those who let flowers live and blossom in their natural environment taking proper gardening care of them ?

Suppose your partner is a flower you love.  Which way would you go about him/her ?

Of course  it’s not easy to accept another person’s diversity and mood swings and illogical reactions at times.  But you have more chances of keeping your relationship alive by allowing him/her space to breathe.

Maybe you’ll find my eighth AXIOM controversial and ambiguous, but I invite you to give it some thought.  During  sex, and anyother kind of “human transaction” – business included-  what takes it to the higher level which is far beyond liquids exchange or money and services/products exchange,  what makes it MAGICAL and guarantees absolute satisfaction is the commitment to give to the other part what they really like and want, the way they want it, NOT the way we think they’d like to have it.

Nineth AXIOM is about risks and passions.  Since Life comes with a Death Sentence nobody can escape from, taking precalculated risks makes you a player, instead of a pawn, and turns the odds to your favor because good luck goes with the stream of Positive Energy.  If you chose to live the life of a vegetable, being the “faceless and impersonal” audience of active people’s lives,  the worst case senario in terms of risks you’re possibly running, is to be stepped allover by animals that happened to sneak into your orderly garden, seeking a good place to sh*t.   Sh*t, I did it again !  I used unladylike expressions….but you’ll forgive me ….won’t you ?

Tenth AXIOM and hopefully I didn’t bore you by now, is about two important words accompanied by equally important actions :  THANK YOU and SORRY.  Both phrases cost nothing, but make a BIG DIFFERENCE in other people’s lives.

Eleventh AXIOM is about brilliant solutions to burning problems.  The axiom has TWO branches :

  • When you don’t know what to do, do NOTHING.
  • Solutions to the biggest problems are just under our nose, that’s why we can’t see them.  All it takes is to step back a bit and look to the problem from a different perspective.  Solution will become obvious.

AXIOM #12 is about TIME.  Being a big fan of Einstein I must say that I can’t describe with words how significant I find his work.  According to him, TIME does not exist.  We live in a world of PARALLEL UNIVERSES.   I can’t agree more with him, that TIME exists only because I’m here to witness whatever surrounds me.  And in a way, I can confirm that there must  exist many parallel universes where different versions of Sofia’s life are in progress simultaneously.  It’s totally up to me to increase my level of ENERGY capacity enough to “upgrade” my VERSION of perceived life to the optimum one for me, transferring my existence to the most suitable to my desires universe.


Sofia S.