7 Hours to Forex Trading Confidence ?

Dear Investor/Trader,

let’s face it. The best trader who can ever manage your Account is you, but learning how to trade may take many months or even years, let alone the losses you’ll have to incur in the process.

To help you cut your Learning Curve short, I created a series of SEVEN Fast Track Training Sessions, offering only the most actionable information that you can apply immediately with excellent results.

As the Program advances, you’ll be asked to make studies on Currency Pairs presenting Market’s Conditions from highest down to lowest Time-Frame, giving full sets of Entry/Stay in/Exit Criteria for both BUY and SELL Scenarios.

The minimum duration for the Program will be 6 weeks and I’ll accept limited number of new Traders.

If you want to be one of them, Contact me.

Dr Sofia Stavropoulou